(Click Image to Enlarge)Stamping of a Brass Palladium Plated Leadframe Insert for the Automotive Industry

A customer in the automotive industry needed a brass leadframe insert for an automotive transmission control unit. At G&M Manufacturing, our unique mix of stamping and secondary operations were the right mix for this project. Initially we used our 60 ton capacity Bruderer straight side press to stamps the brass leadframe. We used half hard temper C260 brass with a thickness of .02″. The overall part dimensions were 4.3″ long, 2.2″ wide and .15″ high and kept within a ±.001″ tolerance which was required for the subsequent insert molding process. An X-ray machine was used to verify the thickness of the palladium. Per the customer’s specifications the leadframe insert was finished with palladium plating over a nickel undercoat. We also conducted OGP vision system inspection for our 400,000 annually fabricated parts. This project features our unique stamping and plating capabilities for high volume projects.

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Stamping of a Brass Palladium Plated Leadframe Insert Project Details

Product Description

Terminal and leadframe set for automotive transmission control unit. Palladium plating is for wire bonding that occurs in a downstream process.

Capabilities Applied/Processes


  • Progressive Drawn Stamping


  • Degreasing
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

60 ton Bruderer straight side press, vapor degreaser

Overall Part Dimensions

4.300″ long 2.200″ wide 0.150″ high

Tightest Tolerances

± 0.001″

Material Used

C260 Brass (half hard temper)

  • Thickness: 0.0200″
Material Finish

Selective Palladium Plated over nickel undercoat

In process testing/inspection performed

X-ray Machine (Palladium thickness)
OGP vision system

Industry for Use

Automotive Industry


400,000 Annually

Delivery Location

Midwest, USA

Standards Met

Customer Specifications, CAD Drawing

Product Name

Leadframe Insert