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A customer in the automotive industry needed a large volume of eyelets designed for strain relief bushing for an insert molded header. At G&M Manufacturing we specialize in high volume stamping and have multiple in-house secondary operations that were ideal for this project. The part was manufactured on our 60 ton Bruderer straight side press. Secondary in-house operations of degreasing and deburring were then completed to finish the C260 brass component. The completed part dimensions were .66″ in diameter, .18″ in height, manufactured to tolerances of ±.001″. Quality was monitored by both caliper and drop indicator inspections. We manufacture 3,000,000 of these precision stamped components for this customer annually. For more information see the table below or contact us directly.

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Stamping of a Brass Eyelet Project Details

Product Description

Strain relief bushing for insert molded header.

Capabilities Applied/Processes


  • Progressive Drawn Stamping


  • Deburring
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

60 ton Bruderer straight side press, vapor degreaser, vibratory tumble

Overall Part Dimensions

0.660″ diameter 0.180″ high

Tightest Tolerances

± 0.001″

Material Used

C260 Brass

In process testing/inspection performed

Drop Indicator

Industry for Use

Automotive Industry


3,000,000 Annually

Delivery Location

Western, USA

Standards Met

Customer Specifications, CAD Drawing

Product Name

7MM Eyelet