(Click Image to Enlarge)Stamping of a Stainless Steel Electrode

At G&M Manufacturing, we are a recognized leader in the stamping industry, servicing a variety of customers, including insert molders supplying the exercise equipment industry. This project included G&M designing a process to stamp a stainless steel electrode and terminal in one step thus eliminating a manufacturing process adding a cost savings which was passed onto the customer. The part measured 4″ long, .9″ wide, and .7″ high. We utilized our 60 ton capacity Minster straight side press and over formed the terminal tab in the progressive die. The customer supplied drawings called out the use of .02″ thick, 304 stainless steel. We manufacture 15,000 electrodes annually for this Midwest customer and utilize OGP vision system and pin gage testing to verify dimensional accuracy, and the required tolerance of ±.002″. This project highlights our ability to accomplish the geometrically challenging parts and minimize cost to our customers.

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Stamping of Stainless Steel Electrode Project Details

Product Description

Electrode for heart rate monitor on exercise equipment. The terminal tab is completely over formed in the progressive die eliminating a secondary operation.

Capabilities Applied/Processes


  • Progressive Die Stamping
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

60 ton Minster straight side press

Overall Part Dimensions

4.000″ long, 0.900″ wide 0.700 high

Tightest Tolerances

± 0.002″

Material Used

304 Stainless Steel

  • Thickness: 0.0200″
Material Finish

Satin Brush Finished

In process testing/inspection performed

OGP Vision System
Pin Gages

Industry for Use

Exercise Equipment Industry


15,000 Annually

Delivery Location

Midwest, USA

Standards Met

Customer Specifications, CAD Drawing

Product Name